Tequipo: customized technological solutions

Tequipo: customized technological solutions

During the seminar on the internet of things which took place at the Burgos University on 26th October, we had the opportunity to get acquainted with several businesses that contribute considerably to the city’s business fabric with the technological solutions and strategies. Among them, Tequipo, a business located in Burgos, whose aim is to use technology in logistic processes in order to facilitate business management.

Its philosophy is based on meeting the needs of each client through personalized study; their specialty is the improvement and automation of processes, the data are stored on a cloud and can be accessed by clients to evaluate the effectiveness of their activities.

One of the solutions offered in the area of logistics is intelligent storage; they are vending machines that contain office products and materials available to the employees.

They also have a tool called CASHOLGY, which provides automated cash counting at the point of sale, eliminating counting errors and ensuring cash balance at the end of the day.  

All the information generated through the different machines, is stored in a controlled supply chain, for greater control of incoming and outgoing products, temporary consumption limits, management authorization, consumption reports, history and alerts of all types. This is a comprehensive system capable of communicating with the most common ERPs.

Tequipo provides innovation and improved processing by applying technology to each of their solutions.

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