31 Jan

DIVA Waterfall Project

31 Jan, 2020

The Diva project is launched with the aim of financing innovative technology-based proposals that contribute to increasing the value of SMEs.

The call has a budget of 1.38M euros and is aimed at SMEs within the European Union that develop ICT solutions or want to create their own technology for agri-food, forestry and environmental sectors.

The projects can be developed individually or through collaboration:

- INDIVIDUAL: Executed by a single SME within one of the DIVA countries and only for the maturation instrument.

- IN COLLABORATION: Executed by a consortium of at least 2 SMEs from two different countries or sectors.

In the case that the companies belong to the same sector, they must belong to different countries of the Union and the coordinator requesting the aid must be from France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Ireland or Spain. They can also be companies from the same country but belonging to different sectors.

The call for proposals will be open from 28 November 2019 to 31 January 2020.

13 Sep


13 Sep, 2019

The IoT Digital Innovation Hub would like to invite you for a half-a-day workshop on the topic of digital transformation of our region. The event will take place the 13/09/2019 & 09:00 – 13:30, at Salamanca, Spain.

The event aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas on what the main digitalisation challenges are in our region and how could these be effectively tackled. We will present what our Digital Innovation Hub is doing to address these challenges of SMEs and other actors in our region.

This event aims to bring together organisations who are interested in finding out more about digital solutions and opportunities to enhance their performance, organisations who are working on topics related to digitalisation as well as anyone who is curious about our regions digital transformation process and new technologies.

03 Jul

5G and Beyond Wireless: When All Technologies Should Work Together For Good

03 Jul, 2019

This talk will provide an overview of 5G networks, emphasizing on the use cases, standardization timeline, and enabling technologies. Advantages and challenges of adopting different technologies, such as non-orthogonal multiple access, will be underlined. Machine-type communications will be discussed as an important driving force of future wireless networks, which allows the expansion of the wireless ecosystem to other industries like healthcare and transportation. Finally, in an attempt to answer the question “Quo vadimus,” research directions are highlighted for the dynamic and exciting field of future wireless communications.


Speaker:  Octavia A. Dobre is a Professor and Research Chair at Memorial University, Canada. Previously

Place: Room 11.2 (Building I + D + i)

Hour: 12:00

Limited places. Those interested in attending the conference should request and motivate their interest by writing to

The organization will send personalized invitations until the capacity is completed.

Assistance certificate will be issued.


19 Jun

NGI Explorers

19 Jun, 2019

1 st Open Call

NGI Explorers is the European Commission program to launch Europe’s Top Researchers and Innovators into Technology Expeditions to the United States.


● 3-6 months Expedition in the USA 100% sponsored, working with a US partner

● The chance to solve Technology Challenges defined by our partners in US

● Free mentorship support

● Access to Europe’s most powerful network of the Next Generation Internet

Deadline: Wednesday 31st July, 2019

12:00pm CEST

17 Jun

IoT Week 2019

17 Jun, 2019

IoT Week is the place where tomorrow’s tech meets business and society.

Place: Aarhus, Denmark

Date: 17-21 june 2019

20 Jan

Practical Workshop Cloud-Edge IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning on the Onesait platform

20 Jan, 2019

On Thursday, January 24 will take place in which speakers Pedro Luis Antona Diaz and Mario Briceño González. The activity will take place at the Multipurpose Building I + D + i, Room 11.2 Calle Espejo, s / n.

  • First session from 10:00 to 14:00.
  • Second session of questions from 16:00 to 17:30 (to confirm completion)


10 Jan

Seminar: Blockchain and IoT based Business Collaboration: will the love Blossom?

10 Jan, 2019

Layth Sliman - EFREI París

Masters in Computer Science in National Institute of Applied Science- France
PhD National Institute of Applied Science- France in collaboration with university of the Ryukyus, Japan
Since September 2010: associate professor in EFREI París.

Research fellow:
UKM Malaysia (since 2014)
University of the RyukyusJapan (between 2007 and 2010)
Past Invited professor/Researcher:
Ritsumeikan University Japan
Beijing University of Technology
South China University of Technology
Institute of Visual Informatics in Malaysia
Kyushu Institute of Technology
Main topic:
Collaborative and Distributed Systems

Room 12.2 (Building I + D + i)



21 Nov

Webinar The Truth About Business Value of IT

21 Nov, 2018

Webinar 12 de december 2018

Discussion Topics:

  • Why business value of IT is important
  • How do organizations measure business value of IT
  • How do you demonstrate business value of IT in the next 5 years 

Business value of IT (BVIT) sits high atop most CIOs' agendas. They say it is vital to driving credibility in IT and that it is critical they get increased funding to drive it. Yet, many think it cannot be measured and that it's pointless to even try. There are many myths out there surrounding BVIT. In 2018, Gartner for the first time conducted a comprehensive study to find the truth behind BVIT. Why is it important? What is the impact if not done well? How do you measure IT's business value, and how will this change in the next 5 years? In this cost optimization webinar, we finally reveal the truth about business value of IT.

26 Oct

The challenge of implementing IoT in the industry

26 Oct, 2018

On Friday, October 26, at 11:00 a.m., the University of Burgos will host a day of disclosure on the Internet of Things (IoT), aimed at members of traditional SMEs who wish to incorporate these technologies into their production processes. This day is part of the dissemination course "Approach to the Internet of Things", which sponsors nine talks in different parts of the community of Castilla y León. The event will begin with a presentation by Javier Prieto, Head of the Technical Advisory Board of IoT DIH, and a round table on IoT technologies, and the following speakers:

- Javier Sedano - ITCL Burgos - Principal Investigator - Applied Electronics and Artificial Intelligence Research Group

- María Navarro Cáceres - BISITE -Digital Innovation Hub

- Óscar Ortega - Tecland, In charge of training and sales

- Josema Fuentes -Tequipo, Operations Manager

- Jorge Izquierdo - UBU

In the end, a small debate will open with the participation of listeners. The entrance to the day will be completely free until full capacity is reached.

10 Oct

Jornada “Tecnologías de Visión. Aplicación al sector agroalimentario”

10 Oct, 2018

Hora: de 17:00 a 19:00

Lugar de celebración: Sala 11.1 Edificio Multiusos I+D+i de la Universidad Salamanca (c/ Espejo 2, Salamanca)

Imparte: CTIC Centro Tecnológico

Objetivo: Presentar de modo accesible y comprensible conocimientos teóricos y prácticos sobre Tecnologías de Visión y su aplicación en el sector Agroalimentario.


  • Explicación de las Tecnologías de Visión: Realidad Aumentada, Realidad Virtual y Visión Artificial.
  • Demostración de las tres tecnologías antes descritas con ejemplos concretos de RV con gafas de inmersión como las Oculus Rift, de RA en SmartGlasses, Smartphones y Tablets y Visión Artificial con Smartphones y Tablets.
  • Casos de éxito conseguidos a través de Tecnologías de Visión en el sector agroalimentario, como agricultura de precisión, calidad alimentaria, densidad forestal….

Metodología: Se combinará una parte expositiva en torno a los conceptos y fundamentos de las Tecnologías de Visión, posibilidades, ventajas y oportunidades que ofrece, y una parte práctica con soluciones específicas de aplicación en el sector agroalimentario que permita a los participantes conocer realmente su potencial. Esta actividad es una iniciativa que se desarrolla en el marco del proyecto “Diagnóstico de situación y plan de digitalización en materia de Industria 4.0” impulsado por el Instituto para la Competitividad Empresarial – ICE para los ejes sectoriales Transporte y Bienes de Equipo, incluido Aeronáutico, y Agrícola y Agroalimentario.


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