5G for the connected vehicles of the future

5G for the connected vehicles of the future

The proliferation of connected and autonomous vehicles makes it necessary to rapidly develop connections that allow for the optimization of their operation in any place at any time.

This has led the European Commission to subsidise a project to study the connection of cars when they cross the French-Spanish border. The commission will contribute 75% of the 11.9 million euros allocated to the project to carry out tests on autonomous cars, thus investigating how to strengthen the maintenance of the connection on both sides of the border.

Besides the vehicles in the AP-7 stretch between Figueres and Perpignan, the study will carry out tests on high-speed rail.

The 5G Mediterranean network is expected to become a reality for automated vehicles in the coming years. Therefore, one of the tests will consist in the creation of a central office for the control of possible risks on the roads.

Other processes that will be tested are the sensorization and digitalisation of roads and traffic signs, as well as obstacle detectors and entertainment services inside the vehicles.

Finally, the most important part is the development of transport that reduces the number of accidents by improving both the roads and the vehicles themselves.

At the IoT Digital innovation Hub, we work towards the achievement of such objectives so that new technologies may provide our citizens with greater security and quality of life. 

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