5G, the technology that connects us to the future.

5G, the technology that connects us to the future.

5G is going to change the interaction between people and digital objects. High speed, with up to 10 gigabytes per second, will be one of the features of this technology.

Thanks to 5G, IoT, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence, a time will come when intelligent connectivity will be the driver of industrial and economic development. Intelligent connectivity will have numerous advantages, including improved relationships between companies and users, as well as the creation and development of smart cities.

The Internet will reach many more people thanks to improved connectivity, it is estimated that in 2025 up to 5 billion people will have access to the Internet. In addition, 5G will contribute greatly to the welfare of our environment, drastically reducing energy consumption. 5G is capable of saving 90% of the energy we consume today, which will have an incredibly positive impact on our environment.

Higher energy efficiency also means that smartphones can have a longer useful life and that their batteries will become thinner.

Over the next decade, the global economic impact is estimated to amount to $2.2 billion in industry, utilities and financial services.

At the IoT Digital Innovation Hub we are aware of the tremendous benefits of 5G and work on the development of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things, to create a strong basis for its implementation.

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