The 5G will boost the Internet of Things

The 5G will boost the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a huge advance in the interconnection of people with each other and with objects.

The IoT is now integrated into the daily life of citizens. But what is its future? One of the keys to its development is the arrival of 5G technology.

With 5G, multiply by 10 the speed at which until now reaached the connection to different devices. In addition, the latency is 10 times lower than in the 4G, currently the most used. The 5G will increase connectivity between objects improving the benefits of the Internet of Things s it will implement some features that are lacking in 4G.

The speed of both technologies is similar, however fiber is already evolving to multiply the upload and download of data. The new fiber will be commercialized before the great expansion of the 5G arrives, thus increasing its speed and increasing its performance.

The IoT applications that are currently being developed and that will benefit greatly from this change are very diverse. Some of them are:

Connected cars, which can connect with the rest of objects and devices in the city, being able through sensors to warn the driver of pedestrians who are about to cross the street or if the traffic light is going to turn red, green or amber, thus improving safety.

Entertainment, such as online television in public transport, different applications of virtual reality, etc.

Tourism, which is also being promoted through technology, in this case using augmented reality. Directing the mobile towards monuments, sculptures and paintings we will be able to see a presentation of these works.

Companies and industry will also benefit from the robotization and control that can be carried out thanks to 5G technology.

Therefore, the development of the technology continues unstoppable, also growing transversally to other technologies.


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