AIR Institute to present its CO2 measurement device at the IoT DIH Community Day

AIR Institute to present its CO2 measurement device at the IoT DIH Community Day

Within the framework of the DIH-World project, the IoT Digital Innovation Hub is organizing a Community Days event that will focus on the importance of cybersecurity in the so-called Industry 5.0. During this session, several projects and success stories will be presented. One of them is the CO2 project, a CO2 measurement device developed by the AIR Institute technology center.

The aim of the CO2 project is to monitor air quality, especially carbon dioxide levels, to determine whether conditions favor the spread of respiratory transmitted diseases such as COVID 19. The project offers the user the possibility to visualize and interact with the parameters collected by the devices through a web tool.

The project has a physical device that aggregates sensors for the collection of CO2 parameters in the air and environmental parameters such as temperature, pressure or humidity. The information collected by each device can be accessed through the web platform where the user will be able to check the collected values, both historical and in real time.

The platform will provide information about the efficiency of ventilation in closed spaces, warning the person in charge when the air quality decreases, which could favor the spread of respiratory diseases.

The event will be held tomorrow, 6 May; if you would like to attend, register here:  Https://Forms.Gle/4rwtGRpusYYY913LG9  

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