Artificial Intelligence, the future of factories

Artificial Intelligence, the future of factories

Since John McCarthy defined Artificial Intelligence in the nineties, it was bound to become a part of our daily life. Today, AI is a complex term associated with machine learning, deep learning, big data, the theory of computation, and other technologies that help imitate the cognitive processes of human beings.

AI offers solutions to multiple branches of knowledge, thanks to its mainstreaming, AI has become the main driver of entrepreneurial progress that affects businesses, governments and the society in general.

Industry is one of the sectors that have been influenced by this progress. All the strategies for the optimization of industrial processes involve the implementation of AI systems and machine learning. Faster and better productions processes are possible largely thanks to these technologies.

One of the processes that will lead to a greater degree of automation in industries is smart manufacturing that will provide robots with the ability to increase productive processes.

Thus, the implementation of smart manufacturing solutions will ensure continuous increase in production processes.

AI, and its implementation in different sectors will lead to the sustainability in the smart factories of the future.

At IoT Digital Innovation Hub we strive to implement new functionalities and higher levels of artificial intelligence in devices, which in turn helps optimize the operation of companies and factories.

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