Artificial Intelligence for medical diagnosis

Artificial Intelligence for medical diagnosis

The Perpetuo Socorro Hospital in Cartagena has purchased 12 medical diagnostic devices that operate on the basis of Artificial Intelligence. This is another example of the spread of Artificial Intelligence to all sectors. In fact, medicine is one of the sectors where new technologies are being implemented heavily.

Thanks to this purchase, the Cartagena hospital will not only improve the quality of the diagnosis, but will also reduce its diagnosis times by a half. Thus, the waiting time of the patients undergoing tests such as MRIs or CTs will be reduced.

The purchase of the new MRI machines increases the comfort of the patients, since they are wider and reduce the time of the process to less than a half. In addition, the higher the resolution of the images the more accurate the diagnosis and the earlier the detection of certain pathologies, allowing for better treatment in the early stages.

Another new device that has arrived at Perpetuo Socorro is a digital mammography machine that presents its results in 3D and allows for the detection of small lesions that are not visible in normal mammography scans, all of which reduces the pressure on a woman's breast, making the procedure almost painless. Moreover, radiation levels are also reduced.

Finally, 1.5 million euros have been invested in a CT machine that emits six times less radiation and allows the radiologist to operate by remote control or through their Tablet.

The hospital has also acquired other equipment such as densitometers and ultrasound machines with maximum resolution.

At the IoT Digital Innovation Hub we strive towards the development of new systems and connected devices that favour the digital transformation of sectors like medicine.

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