Barcelona is going to have a smart port

Barcelona is going to have a smart port

5G hasn't arrived in the market yet, but it is already making us rethink and develop strategies that are in tune with this technology. In connection to this, the port of Barcelona is preparing a major leap forward, they have therefore decided to invest 10 million euros in a new telecommunications network which will be built in the next four years.

The new smart port will be capable of remaining connected to internet virtually anywhere. To this end, the project intends to combine the Internet of Things (IoT), broadband, geolocation, fibre optics and audio and exploit broad 5G coverage.

The initiative seeks to establish the position of the port of Barcelona, turning it into an interconnected place in which logistics, port processes and other activities generate effective communication between staff, companies and other groups that make use of media.

This project is a significant breakthrough, in which technologies such as IoT, big data and artificial intelligence will play an important role in terms of water quality, air, environmental control and energy management.


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