The Big Data arrives at the Fields

The Big Data arrives at the Fields

New technologies have brought with them a great deal of information. IoT continuously captures data from the different sensors of the connected objects and this data needs to be collected, organized and analyzed in order to be really useful for the processes they are part of.

The Big Data is responsible for the management process of all this data. The Big Data is defined as the set of data, organized or not, that due to their large size and complexity require treatment and study through the use of technologies.

The utility of Big Data technology reaches the most varied sectors, an example of this is the supra-autonomous operational group, RUR, which will use IoT combined with the analysis of large data and other TIC´s to generate an improvement in the competitiveness and market positioning of the fruit and vegetable sector in Extremadura, Castilla y León, Valencia and Madrid.

In a second phase, the RUR group will apply the Big Data technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) for the digitalization of the sector, achieving a sustainability of the agricultural production thanks to the increase of the efficiency, the increase of the productivity in a context of respect to the environment.

The so-called intelligent agriculture has come to combine technology and the countryside in order to achieve a rapid development of the sector. The different technologies improve the data collection systems, the analysis of these and the use of the conclusions obtained in the new management systems that achieve greater control and better use of all the information obtained. Thanks to this new management of the field, it is possible to optimize the use of resources such as fertilizers, water, energy, etc., achieving greater benefits for farmers and reducing the environmental impact generated by farms.   


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