Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Geolocation will boost the real estate sector.

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Geolocation will boost the real estate sector.

The real estate sector is seeking to improve its management systems and administrative procedures through new technologies. Websites and specialized CRMs have become popular tools for renting and buying property.

Different technologies are being used in the digitalization of the real estate sector: big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc.

Big data makes it possible to collect and manage vast amounts of data. Subsequently, data are interpreted in order to provide comprehensible information to customers, adapting it to their needs.

Customer-oriented systems can continue to improve thanks to artificial intelligence, which enables them to learn from every interaction with clients.  AI equips systems with the ability to correct errors automatically and with algorithms that make the sales and rental prediction system more accurate.

Furthermore, virtual reality solves the doubts that may arise when choosing a property.  The evolution of mobile systems and techniques such as 360-degree photographs, make it possible to see the entire property on screen, facilitating the decision-making process.

In addition, geolocation is a promising technology because it could enable developers to show the properties that best suit the buyers and track the demographics to optimize the performance of new development projects.

The IoT Digital Innovation Hub collaborates with different companies on the development of applications that help improve customer relations.

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