Blockchain, leading technology for airport security

Blockchain, leading technology for airport security

Today, Blockchain is one of the most outstanding technologies in terms of security, which is why many airports and airlines are considering using it as a method for the control and identification of passengers, baggage and flight information, among other important data that must be processed very well.

Some airports seek to transform and unify data while simplifying internal and end user management, to this end they combine the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, robotics and Blockchain.

A SITA report, world leader in air transport communications and information technology, shows that 59% of airlines have pilot or research programs for the implementation of Blockchain by 2021. Airports estimate that by then they will have conducted 34% of research and development of these technologies.

Blockchian will become the connecting point between all travel management elements. Thanks to this technology, airports will have access to unified and immutable information stored in blocks, so that airlines, airports, ground operators and control authorities can have the same data and resolve situations or propose improvements more effectively.

In an effort to continue progressing in airport technologies, SITA Lab has created Aviation Blockchain Sandbox, starting with the intelligent contract linked to FlightChain (storing flight information in the Blockchain), which is already being used by many airlines and airports to have a single source of flight status data.  

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