Cattle monitoring in Charoles SG

Cattle monitoring in Charoles SG

The animal husbandry Ángel Santiago García Martín, located in Boadilla, Castile and León, Spain, is an example of the use of new technologies in the countryside. Since 1986, the family specialized in the breeding of select cattle of the Charolais breed. They do both agricultural and livestock farming.

Their aim is to preserve and improve the breed and they have been working on this for over 30 years now. To increase success in the reproduction and welfare of the livestock, farms require a tool capable of monitoring activity, detecting anomalies, diseases or possible pregnancies and births.

To this end, the University of Salamanca, the BISITE Research Group, Salamanca’s County Council and other associated companies, have come together to work on the implementation of new technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and a wireless sensor network on the 450 hectares that make up the farm. Additional devices include temperature sensors, accelerometers and some cameras that are used to monitor livestock.

In this way, technology contributes to more effective farming, making it possible to act on time and make decisions based on the data obtained through the sensors.

These solutions are not only effective for livestock; in the field, different crops can also be monitored to detect any changes or deficiencies that can be treated in time. In short, technology offers countless economic, social and environmental advantages; and the IoT Digital Innovation Hub can help you enjoy them. 



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