Cloud Computing, a good investment in the stock market.

Cloud Computing, a good investment in the stock market.

The information technology sector is the most valuable according to the MSCI world index. New technologies and communication services monopolize a quarter of the stock market.

In recent years, information technology has been the fastest growing sector according to this index, reaching 306%. Microsoft, Apple and Amazon have been the most important holdings, however, their profitability will not last forever. According to the digital Investment Strategies, the cloud computing sector is a profitable alternative for investment.

The cloud is becoming more commonplace and its use has become a part of our daily lives. The storage of information in the cloud allows us to have all the information we need in any device. Cloud computing is a great aid in information consumption and processing, and its profitability will soon surpass that of traditional software.

The development of the cloud is going to be driven mainly by artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things and by the increasing number of companies interested in its use.

The IoT Digital Innovation Hub is working on the development of projects involving Cloud Computing as well as artificial intelligence and IoT, thus developing functionalities that continue to generate benefits for companies and citizens.

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