Connected car insurance as a reward for good drivers

Connected car insurance as a reward for good drivers

The world of connected objects continues to give different sectors new possibilities. The automotive industry is among the sectors that have undergone the greatest change, as it is already implementing a wide range of connected solutions.

Car insurance is directly influenced by vehicle connectivity, which is why PSA has launched the first connected car insurance in France. This type of insurance opens up a new door of opportunity for both insurers and good drivers, as it will allow insurance companies to reward policyholders who follow safe driving patterns.

Every month, drivers will receive feedback on their driving style and advice on how to improve their conduct on the road. The company will offer discounts of up to 25% to responsible drivers. This will also help optimize the efficiency of the insurance because the driver's driving will be monitored by sensors and assessed by the insurance company.

At the IoT Digital Innovation Hub we continue to work with our partner companies so that the connected objects industry progresses every day, contributing to the comfort and the efficiency of daily life.

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