The Convergence of 5G and IoT in a Smart City Context

The Convergence of 5G and IoT in a Smart City Context

The Internet of Things is becoming an inseparable part of our lives. This shift in paradigm has contributed to significant advancements in sectors such as transport, health, energy or security.

The construction of smart infrastructures has led to the creation of a technological ecosystem within smart cities. This type of ecosystem makes it possible to reduce costs and optimize the use of resources, helping improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. In addition, smart infrastructures have a wide range of devices that collect heterogeneous data; valuable knowledge about the needs of the inhabitants can be extracted from those data.

Moreover, IoT technology is fundamental for the development of telecommunications in smart cities. IoT will greatly contribute to the implementation of 5G technology, which will be used in business all over the world.

Thus, new technologies, such as IoT and Artificial Intelligence are expected to lead smart cities to their height by 2020.

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