The digital revolution, an ally in the fight against the pandemic

The digital revolution, an ally in the fight against the pandemic

       Telework has become one of the keys to success for the majority of businesses during the coronavirus crisis. The ability to adapt to a new paradigm plays a big role in achieving success on the market.

Having an advanced digital system has enabled many businesses to keep offering their services without prejudicing their clients. This is the case of GoAiqua, who use advanced algorithms to make decisions on the basis of predictions and studies of consumption patterns. All this enables them to counteract any problems that may arise while avoiding unexpected future events and reducing costs.

This demonstrates that telework is not the only required solution, the problems derived from COVID-19 are leading to a great change in the clients’ consumption patterns, making prediction systems, sensing and automation, fundamental in mitigating the loss.

Digital transformation has made it possible to carry out those processes in may businesses, making up for the inconveniences caused by the pandemic. The monitoring and the remote use of business processes and the data extracted from them, demonstrate the positive impact that the technological revolution has had on the society and the economy. During this crisis, the businesses that have already undergone their digital transformation are the ones that have the best chances of maintaining themselves and of keeping up their level of productivity despite the limitations brought about by Covid-19.

IoT Digital Innovation Hub is firmly committed to helping businesses and individuals improve their level of activity and sustainability with technology, creating a much stronger production system, which can maintain itself even during a crisis.

Regarding the benefits of digital transformation, one of the members of the BISITE Research Group is offering a Master’s Degree in Digital Transformation, a programme that will enable students to train and acquire skills in this area.

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