Ecological robot for crop farming

Ecological robot for crop farming

The technology used in the agricultural sector is growing rapidly. EcoRobotix, for instance, is an ecological weeding robot that runs on two electric motors powered by solar energy. EcoRobotix is also equipped with sensors that are able to detect weeds more accurately.

EcoRobotix is the product of a Swedish Startup that seeks to combine  traditional work systems with technological solutions that help minimize environmental impact. It works on any type of terrain and can administer the correct amount of herbicide directly to the weed, reducing herbicide consumption by almost 30%.

Another important feature is its autonomy; its solar panels provide it with energy allowing the robot to work 12 hours a day, even in low sunlight. In addition, EcoRobotix has a built-in camera and GPS, which makes it possible to control and operate it from any location.

The tool meets several needs. It facilitates work in the field, reduces the chemicals and pesticides used on the crop and can also be managed through a mobile application, enabling its users to monitor the crop from any location.

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