Ecommerce boosts the sales of Spanish companies

Ecommerce boosts the sales of Spanish companies

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce has issued a report entitled "Digital Commerce in Spain". It addresses numerous issues, including that of the digitalization of Spanish companies.

According to this report, 54% of Internet users in Spain purchase products online, this statistic highlights how important it is for companies to reach their online customers and adapt to their needs. The report also advises companies on how to reach their sales targets, namely, their websites should have quality and up-to-date content and they should invest into building their online identity and improving their online reputation.

It is surprising to see that not all types of enterprises use internet sales systems to the same degree; only 4.9% of microenterprises sell their products online, only 17.2% of enterprises with 10 to 49 employees, 29.2% of enterprises with 50 to 250 employees and 40.4% of enterprises with more than 250 employees. In addition, 31.2% of the microenterprises and SME's maintain an updated and quality website, while in the case of larger companies the percentage is 78.2%.

The report of the Chamber of Commerce also highlights the importance of digital economy and management as well as the use of computer applications that enable the interaction between the company and the customer.

The Digital Innovation Hub offers technical advice to SMEs as well as financing opportunities for their digitalization; in this way it contributes to generating a technological ecosystem for companies.

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