Five benefits of Farm 4.0

Five benefits of Farm 4.0

The internet of things has reached unimaginable sectors providing new solutions in different ways. In the particular case of agriculture, it is breaking paradigms, as it is an area that has generally been alien to technology as the basis of its processes.

The results have shown that, from hyperconnectivity, a large amount of information can be obtained, which is stored in the cloud and farmer could access it at any time, from any device to take appropriate actions. In this sense the most important advantages in terms of farms 4.0 are:

  1. Interconnectivity: The vision of a connected farm is the integration of several technologies, in processes, objects and even crops and livestock. Connectivity allows to unify all the relevant data and take decisions on the basis of first-hand information.  
  2. Optimization of resources: It is one of the most attractive characteristics for farmers, since through the automation with sensors can make a reasonable use of water, food for animals, soil or control the ideal environment for maintenance of the environment.
  3. Predictive maintenance: The machinery and agricultural vehicles can be monitored in order to obtain information about failures or when it requires a timely review, to avoid further damage to the equipment. In addition, with the information collected, the farmer can visualize the needs and improve their product line.
  4. Unification of data: With the information gathered by connected devices, it is easier to make budgets, accounting and automate tax returns, among other alternatives.
  5. Sustainability: Greater efficiency in production processes; reduced consumption of resources and energy, which reduces the emissions that can have against the environment.

In short, the advantages of connected farms are increasing and more data is generated. Management, processes and profitability will all be improved, benefiting both farmers and end consumers.


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