Getting closer industry 5.0

Getting closer industry 5.0

Not long ago, we were unaware of the impact that Industry 4.0 would have, the fourth industrial revolution seemed so far away. However, today it is an inseparable part of our lives and, in fact, we are already moving towards the next period, that of Industry 5.0.

The automation and digitalization of companies is a competitive advantage that no company wants to miss.

The I-Care company has patented and marketed the first vibration sensors, becoming a benchmark producer in this sector. This sensor, called Wi-care, measures vibration, noise, temperature and speed in the factories' rotating machines, transmitting the collected data wirelessly. The I-Care company is dedicated to predictive maintenance, where reliability is one of its most essential features. For this reason, it has created this technology which improves the performance of its predictive systems.

The users of the Wi-Care system will be able to get data in real time, at any time of the day, which allows them to track equipment located anywhere in the world. This data is stored and managed by a virtual platform in the cloud called I-see.

It is expected that the efficiency of this system will be enhanced by artificial intelligence, used for data management, taking the industry to the next step, industry 5.0.

At IoT DIH, we strive to optimize the work of industry 4.0, and to make industry 5.0 a tangible reality for companies.

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