The great development of the 4.0 industry in Asturias and the Basque Country

The great development of the 4.0 industry in Asturias and the Basque Country

The growth of Industry 4.0 in Asturias is based on the creation of the European Business and Innovation Centre (CEEI) in the Principado in 1994. The incorporation into the Asturian technological business fabric has led to the great growth of technology-based companies in the last quarter of century.

According to the director of this Institution, based in Llanera and Gijón, during this time, 1,649 technology companies have been created.

These companies are dedicated to different types of work, such as:

  • The consulting firm Ettico, which helps various companies to identify improvements in their business with technological solutions.
  • Selegna Design, dedicated to design, virtual reality, infographics et. destined to architectural works.
  • Dogram, a company dedicated to 3D dimensional control and digitalization.
  • Dronorte, dedicated to robotics that is currently working on the development of autonomous vehicles.
  • is dedicated to geolocation and Internet positioning of local businesses and professionals according to the assessment that consumers and customers make of them.

All these companies have in common to have put a technological base in the sector in which they perform their functions, and have formed around the headquarters of the CEEI in Llanera and Gijón with the support that this institution.


The modernisation of Basque industry:


The case of the Basque Country has been a revolution since the 80s. The implementation of new technologies in one of the most industrialized areas of Spain has been key to becoming today an example of digitization and development of industry 4.0.

In recent days, the Basque Councillor for Economic Development and Infrastructures has presented in Argentina the progress that this region has made, explaining that one of the bases of growth is to achieve an industrial development that favours the reduction of unemployment, maintained below 10% and maintain sustainable growth. For this, they aim to achieve a 25% weight in the industry in the Basque Country´s economy.

In order to achieve these objectives, 6 tasks are proposed:

  • Converting industry 4.0 into the transversal axis of growth
  • Supporting SMEs
  • Finance strategic projects
  • Highlight technology and innovation
  • Internationalize the services of the Basque Country
  • To create a context that favours this development with a highly educated citizenry in the sector.


All this places these two regions in a privileged situation when facing the fourth industrial revolution.


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