Growth of Spanish investment in IoT

Growth of Spanish investment in IoT

Spanish companies are in the process of digitalisation and one fifth of them are investing in R&D. This represents a notable increase in the market for new technologies in Spain. The implementation of Industry 4.0 is being one of the keys to this increase in spending. A very important part of this new industry is the so-called Internet of things (hereinafter IoT) consisting of the interaction between connected objects that collect and transmit all kinds of data that make its functionality is optimized.  

The growth of investment in IoT in Spain is growing steadily, with an annual increase of 16%. It is expected to reach €19 billion by 2021. In fact, our country has become the fifth European country with the most investment in the Internet of things.

Working at IoT requires continuous interaction with other technologies, especially Big Data, data analysis, and security. Most of the IoT generators are working on improvements to their security policies as this is possibly the biggest weakness of the connected objects at the moment.

Data analysis in IoT will lead to the automation of many of the business processes. With the control of all the data, many benefits can be generated, achieving a more efficient occupation of the market spaces appropriate to each institution.

In addition to the application of data analysis technology in IoT, it is expected that half of the organizations dedicated to IoT will use artificial intelligence. Thanks to the "cooperation" between the three technologies, companies will achieve self-sufficiency in data handling, being able to autonomously regulate their movements and allowing their employees to spend their time on tasks that improve productivity.

An example of the investments companies are making in Spain is the launch of Toshiba's DynaEdge DE-100 mini-computer and augmented reality glasses for work in industry and security systems. Toshiba is looking for potential partners to help expand its IoT technology in Spain.

IoT is therefore one of the biggest growth opportunities for the industry worldwide in the coming years.

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