Hackathon: IoT and Cybersecurity

Hackathon: IoT and Cybersecurity

The DISRUPTIVE project is a cross-border cooperation project between Spain and Portugal, that seeks to improve research and innovation (R&I) infrastructures and the capacity to develop excellence in R&I, and the promotion of centers of competence, especially those of European interest.

Within the framework of the DISRUPTIVE project, work is being carried out to transmit knowledge so that both students and business professionals acquire skills in disruptive ICT technologies. Therefore, throughout the project life cycle, hackathons are held, the upcoming hackathons are:

IoT Hackathon - New Digital Horizon 

The Hackathon on IoT: New digital horizon is organised within the framework of the DISRUPTIVE project, as part of its training activities. It will take place on 18 March, from 9:00-18:00 and will be held at BISITE (Edificio I+D+i,Salamanca - Spain).

In addition, there will be different challenges to solve, related to the Internet of Things. Researchers from the BISITE research group (USal - University of Salamanca) are instructors at this event, along with renowned companies and experts in the area of IoT.

The event will be divided into a first phase supported by the instructors, the team challenge and a final phase with the winners. 

The registration period will be open from 7 March until 17 March 2022 and must be completed using the form below.

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Cybersecurity Hackathon: IoT CTF based applications

The DISRUPTIVE project, as part of its training activities, is organizing the Hackathon in cybersecurity – IoT-based applications - a CTF competition. With the widespread adoption of IoT devices and the increasing demand for IoT-based applications, the fast development and deployment of such applications by companies may lead to undetected cyber security issues and vulnerabilities.

In this hackathon, the participants will be challenged in a Capture The Flag (CTF) competition in which they will have to gain and apply some basic security skills to solve different challenges related to the security aspects of IoT-based applications. The aim of the competition is to present some of the main cybersecurity aspects that support the development of more secure IoT-based applications. It will cover aspects related to cryptography, penetration test, web exploitation and forensics.

It will take place on 25 March from 9:00-18:00 and will be held in BISITE (Edificio I+D+i,, Salamanca - Spain).

The hackathon will be held in BISITE (USal, Salamanca - Spain). This event is being organized through the collaboration between researchers from BISITE (USal - Universidad de Salamanca) and CeDRI (IPB - Instituto Politécnico de Bragança) research groups. The instructors include the researchers from IPB: Tiago Pedrosa, Jorge Loureiro, Gustavo Funchal. Renowned cybersecurity companies will be present.

The registration period will be open from 03 March until 22 March 2022 and must be completed using this form.

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