Hackathon on IoT: New digital horizon organized by DISRUPTIVE project

Hackathon on IoT: New digital horizon organized by DISRUPTIVE project

The Hackathon on IoT: New digital horizon organized under the DISRUPTIVE project has been a success. It was attended by four teams that solved challenges and proposed interesting solutions related to the Internet of Things.

The competition ended with two teams being selected as winners because they stood out for their innovation, versatility and proposal development. "I use arch btw", was one of the winning teams, it proposed a solution for the regulation of capacity on city buses, by implementing sensors to count the number of users getting on and off and alerting the driver when there is a risk of exceeding the permitted capacity.

While the team "Little Max" presented a Smart Farm solution. An autonomous cattle feeding system that detected the presence of the animal to open the feed hopper gate which monitored the temperature, humidity and alcohol level in the feed with the aim of detecting if fermentation is taking place, which would be indicative of feed spoilage. It also monitored the amount of feed remaining, using an ultrasonic sensor to calculate the height of the feed and calculate the volume on the basis of the height of the feed and the dimensions of the silo. It also had a self-filling system implemented by means of a relay that activates a motor plugged into an auger. This activates automatically when it detects that the volume of feed in the hopper is low.

It has been an exciting day and we look forward to the next "Hackathon in Cybersecurity: IoT CTF based applications", organized jointly by researchers from the research groups BISITE and CeDRI (IPB - Instituto Politécnico de Bragança) within the DISRUPTUVE project.  The event will be held on March 25 from 9:00-18:00 at Edificio I+D+i, Salamanca - Spain. Find out more and register here



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