This is how we experienced the Community Days

This is how we experienced the Community Days

A new edition of the Community Days, organised by AIR Institute and the IoT Digital Innovation Hub under the framework of the DIH World project, was held on 18 April, this year's theme was Digital Twins.


We believe this was a great opportunity for IHL communities to learn about the benefits and opportunities offered by IHL activities to become more competitive.


The event started with a brief introduction of the IHL-World project by Marta Plaza and then Javier Parra introduced the IHL IoT to the community. This was followed by the speakers.


The first one was given by Ricardo S. Alonso and was Applications of Internet of Things and Digital Twins, in which he presented some research cases where key digital technologies have been used as Industrial Internet of Things in different scenarios.


The second was presented by Raúl García on From BIM to Digital Twins which, as its name suggests, explored the evolution of BIM to Digital Twins, and how this technology can be used in the construction industry. 


The third was led by Daniel García, talking about 3D models optimisation, where he focused on its importance for game engines and for a better user experience, as well as discussing various techniques to improve efficiency.


In the fourth Javier Mateos presented Digital Twins impact on car performance in Formula 1 in which he talked about a very important factor that often goes unnoticed, the simulator analytics, which allows to simulate the real experience on track, serving as digital twins.


Finally, Raúl Juan García presented Digital Twins in the energy industry, where he addressed the application of digital twins in training for maintenance and support personnel in the energy industry.


To close, Marta Plaza gave a brief summary of what had taken place.


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