i4Trust project experiments boost smart agriculture

i4Trust project experiments boost smart agriculture

i4Trust is a collaborative initiative involving the IoT Digital Innovation Hub (IoT DIH) that drives the development of innovative services around new data value chains across multiple sectors. It will create a sustainable ecosystem in which companies can develop innovative services by breaking down "data silos" through the sharing, reuse and trading of data assets.

Within the initiative, several experiments were launched with the main objective of providing a service for assessing the carbon footprint of agricultural products and tools for making good agro-technological and management decisions.

One of the biggest challenges in agriculture today is the use of heterogeneous data to apply smart agricultural technologies, improve soil fertility and food quality, and reduce the impact of agricultural technologies on climate change. At present, numerous data sources are collected but they are not being exploited as much as they could be.

Carbon Agri Data Space

One of the experiments is the i4Trust Pioneer Data Space "Carbon Agri Data Space (CADS)", with 5 countries on board (Ukraine, France, Greece, Spain and Italy) is a collaboration between two Digital Innovation Centers: Virtual Center for Digital Innovation NOSC-UA DIH and Faubourg Numérique to offer a carbon footprint assessment service for agricultural products under cultivation, as well as tools for the rational adjustment of agro-technological, organizational and management decisions by food producers.

Thanks to a data sharing ecosystem, CADS provides an opportunity for farmers to leverage the use of the data they already produce, combined with other data sources, such as external and open data.

Volodymyr Nochvai, from NOSC-UA DIH (Kiev Academic University), is participating in this experiment and tells us about its intricacies in an interview.

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