Intelligent roads, a prerequisite for autonomous driving

Intelligent roads, a prerequisite for autonomous driving

Intelligent vehicles have evolved greatly through the development of artificial intelligence and their connection to the network. Autonomous cars already exist but the creation and evolution of intelligent roads is necessary to be able to implement them fully.

Up until now, the technology on our roads has been denominated as the ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) equipment, it included panels with road messages, automatic monitoring of infringements, automatic recognition of license plates... These technological applications, however, are not comparable to the high-tech of intelligent vehicles.

At present, efforts are directed at facilitating the building of intelligent roads and adapting them for the use of self-driving vehicles; vehicles without a driver. Communication modules are installed on the roads which, together with those located in the vehicles, provide the people inside the vehicle with information on the state of the road, traffic jams, closed lanes, accidents, etc.

There are many challenges to overcome in implementing intelligent roads, including those related to achieving safety, high data transmission speed, high definition maps, prevent hacking etc.

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