IoT, Big Data and football

IoT, Big Data and football

The Osasuna Athletic Club is going to collect data from 18,000 children belonging to its youth and farm teams by means of smart shin guards.

Connected objects for data collection and analysis have been present in elite sport for some time now. An increasing number of teams are trying to quantify tactical, technical and physical aspects through the use of new technologies.

Osasuna has taken another step forward by collecting training data from thousands of athletes in training, which will allow the club to make a massive assessment and monitor all their junior players and affiliates.

The club reached an agreement with Telefónica and the HUMANoX Startup to implement this data collection program during the next 4 years.

This agreement will allow the coaches to improve the training methodology and game strategies. Moreover, it will objectively highlight the areas in which the football players must improve. The shin guards will collect thousands of data that can be analyzed thanks to the Big Data technology through web applications. These "HX50" shin guards are also made of carbon fibre, which will make them more comfortable and easier to use.

At the IoT Digital Innovation Hub we are committed to making connected objects get increasingly better at collecting data and making all kinds of activities more efficient.

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