IoT DIH launches Blockchain4ESG project thanks to i4Trust

IoT DIH launches Blockchain4ESG project thanks to i4Trust

The IoT Digital Innovation Hub has started with the development of Blockchain4ESF, a reference model of how a sustainable economy can be developed around data spaces, while aiming to improve existing processes and create new, more secure and efficient ones.

The project will use FIWARE, an Open Source framework for the creation of solutions with Internet of Things; it has an architecture that will allow us to develop the desired solutions. Moreover, ISHARE, another framework closely related to FIWARE, will be used for data sharing.

We participate in the partnership together with FIW and Rancho Guareña, from where the sensor data will be extracted. For their part,, will collect the data coming from Smart Power Engineering and will use a Blockchain to share and verify them.

This project is funded thanks to i4Trust and its call for financial and technical support to European SMEs and DIHs for the creation of Data Spaces. An initiative aimed at companies that seek to improve their business by focusing on data and in which 19 experiments were selected, among them Blockchain4ESF.

Objectives pursued by Blockchain4ESF

The objective is to implement a methodology and develop a digital solution (ESG.Electrode) for data value creation that drives and accelerates the transition of industrial companies to a low-carbon economy, through the application of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles based on the climate-related risk management framework known as TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) Recommendations, and to conduct an experiment on the collection, structuring, processing and sharing (disclosure) of such financially useful ESG data among participants.

Project Partners

  • IoT Digital Innovation Hub (Spain) - coordinating entity of the official EDIH DIGIS3 (Smart, Sustainable and cohesive Digitalization conceived as a Digital Innovation Hub)
  • LLC (Ukraine, Singapore) - SME, software engineering company, during the experiment, it will develop software blockchain-based application ESG.Electrodo and integrate a framework for enterprise ESG (climate-related) data and risk management based on TCFD Recommendations.
  • Rancho Guareña (Spain) - is a mixed dairy farm that has 160 cows for breeding.
  • FIW Consulting (Spain) - SME, software developer of sophisticated but at the same time practical and customized solutions.
  • Ukrainian Scale Company LLC (Ukraine) - private SME research and production company, Ukrainian manufacturer of weighing equipment.
  • Smart Power Engineering LLC (Ukraine) is a company with expertise in energy management and production automation, European energy resource consumption control systems (electricity, water, gas, heat) integrated with alternative sources generation (solar, wind, biogas, etc.).


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