IoT in industry 4.0

IoT in industry 4.0

The term new industrial revolution or industry 4.0 is used to refer to new methods of manufacture and production. It consists in the incorporation of technologies for predictive and prescriptive analytics such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, 3D printing and in which the Internet of Things plays an important role.

The incorporation of these technologies contributes to the optimization of time and processes. Since all information about production is stored, it can be evaluated to improve different processes immediately and effectively.

Production companies are not the only entities implementing these technologies; they are commonly used by organizations that provide services to users. User comfort is not the sole purpose of IoT. This paradigm stores information from which a wide range of assertions can be made. Solutions that propose the incorporation of connected objects in companies will help understand client behavior and needs. And will also provide new ideas for future creations. 

According to IDC’s worldwide predictions, by 2020 there will be 4 billion connected objects, 25 million applications, 25 billion intelligent and embedded systems and 50 trillion data. All this will generate a profit of 4 trillion dollars.  

This means that in 2020, 95% of newly manufactured products will incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT), implying high advances in both production and the final product. Moreover, we will be able to come up with new ideas, thanks to first-hand knowledge of the behavior of users obtained from connected objects.

Perhaps some sectors are ahead of others in the application of advanced technologies. However, it is very possible that in the long run all will decide to embark on this dynamic, once they understand the economic and managerial benefits that industry 4.0 will have on their business. It is evident that with the arrival of the Internet of Things, the progress of the industrial revolution will accelerate.


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