IoT in the rural world: Connected Beehives

IoT in the rural world: Connected Beehives

The applications of the Internet of Things have as their only limit the imagination and creativity of the researchers who develop them. Its use expands every day. Companies find profitability to this technology in the most unexpected sectors. The growth of the fields of action of new technologies is greater day by day. Having already settled in the cities, where we coexist continuously with connected objects, IoT is finding increasing acceptance and use in rural areas.

Bees are probably the most important pollinator insect. Whenever we talk about the economic contribution of bees we refer to the manufacture of honey and wax, however, the pollination of bees generates 1.6 billion euros per year which is 13% more than what is generated by the wax and Honey together.

Bees are drastically reducing their population, which can cause many problems, not only for the ecosystems to which they belong, but also for the human being itself. The company Deutsche Telekom has used the IoT technology in beehives to improve the productivity of the same at the same time that they manage to make beehives a more sustainable ecosystem. The IoT technology is used by placing a network of sensors in the hives that allow an exhaustive control of the life of the bees. This network of sensors provides the beekeeper with information to achieve more efficient management, which saves a lot of money from production costs. By means of the signals emitted the beekeeper can control the humidity levels, temperature, the weight of the combs and the sounds of the bees being able to do their work with a greater efficiency.

This is one more example of the use of IoT technology for the improvement of sustainability and in this case the care of flora and fauna. Clear proof that technology not only improves the productivity and economic results of companies, but also helps to conserve the planet and the sustainability of energy systems.

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