LIFE Via de la Plata - Green Infrastructure and Big Data for Salamanca

LIFE Via de la Plata - Green Infrastructure and Big Data for Salamanca

LIFE Via de la Plata, is a project that seeks to create a model of adaptation to climate change in Salamanca. It is currently in progress and, at the BISITE group,  are working on all the technological development involved in this great initiative. Proposing solutions to climate change and promoting energy efficiency, to make Salamanca a sustainable, ecological and safe Smart City.

The project aims to build Green Infrastructures and improve Ecosystem Services, through the implementation of concrete strategies, such as the integration of 6 key elements: heritage city, climate change adaptation, green infrastructure, ecosystem services, Big Data and citizen participation. Furthermore, it aims to monitor and control the state of ecosystem services in the city with innovative technical indicators for intelligent data processing and, finally, to promote citizen participation, training and information dissemination.


Fuente: Savia Salamanca

The initiative is in line with the EU strategy on adaptation to climate change and, in the framework of the European Union's Environment and Climate Action Programme (LIFE), based on the premise "Living well, respecting the limits of our planet". In this regard, if all expectations are met, the intention is to extend the project to another 15 heritage cities in Spain and 40 in the rest of Europe.

Salamanca is committed to becoming a Smart City

The premise of smart cities is sustainability and improving our environment. With LIFE Via de la Plata we want to preserve the historic centres of world heritage cities such as Salamanca, while establishing the technical and methodological foundations for the construction of urban green infrastructure in the town.


A project coordinated by the Municipal Housing and Urban Planning Board of the Salamanca Town Council, co-financed by the European Commission and involving the University of Salamanca, the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) and the Salamanca Town Council.

The BISITE research group works towards the development of smart cities. Therefore, in addition to participating in projects such as this one, we promote the training of specialists with our Master's Degree in Smart Cities at the University of Salamanca, in order to train professionals capable of directing and coordinating smart city projects. 


The project is co-financed by the European Commission's LIFE Programme

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