Machine learning: a technology used by cyber attackers and by cybersecurity specialists.

Machine learning: a technology used by cyber attackers and by cybersecurity specialists.

Cyxtera Technologies is a cybersecurity company that has recently talked about the evolution of Machine Learning and how it can be used for good and bad purposes. It can do both, protect against attacks and facilitate them.

By means of the so-called "contradictory machine learning", "noise" is introduced into the algorithms leading to an erroneous analysis. This technique has begun to gain popularity among criminals, posing a constant danger to companies.

At the same time, machine learning is one of the most security-effective technologies, so despite its malicious uses, it continues to be prominently known as a cybersecurity tool.

Nevertheless, it has become easy to find unencrypted images of users in the cloud or other media giving criminals an opportunity to perform attacks, such as identity theft. 

One of the methods that help fight cyber-attacks is "end-to-end machine learning platforms" that allow developers to work together transparently. These platforms make it possible to develop more agile algorithms, making it easier to respond to cyber-attacks more quickly.

Finally, "few-shot learning" is used to adapt some algorithms to improve their performance in cases where data are scarce. This technique is currently only used in research but will soon be used in the fight against fraud.

One of the services provided by the IoT Digital Innovation Hub is helping companies participate in developing new technologies through collaborative IoT projects, where, among other techniques, machine learning is applied.

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