MWC and 5G technology

MWC and 5G technology

At MWC, Europe's most important technology event, 5G has once more played a leading role.

A demo on the evolution and impact of 5G in different areas took place last Wednesday, as part of the MWC framework. The key highlight of the demo was the first ever tele-assisted surgery using 5G. The chief surgeon directed the surgery remotely (from the MWC pavilion), marking on the tablet the cutting areas to avoid the nerves. Thanks to the 5G network, his instructions reached the operating room with a delay of only 0.01 seconds. This is a significant reduction in comparison to the 0.27 seconds delay through a 4G network, which operates commercially in Spain. The almost complete elimination of latency between devices and servers is what makes the use of 5G essential in self-driving cars, where instantaneous response is crucial to ensure safe driving and prevent accidents. The project, called “5G Connected Surgeon”, reduces latency, a critical factor for the application of technological solutions to the health sector. 5G also provides the benefits of better bandwidth, making it possible to share high definition images and large amounts of information almost in real-time. As a result, several specialists from all over the world can connect with no delay and perform surgeries together.

The '5G Connected Surgeon' project has made it possible to eliminate latency, a critical factor in the application of technological solutions to the health sector. The success of the remote surgery powered by 5G marks a turning point in the use of technology in healthcare.

The 5G network, which will be available in large cities next year, is currently in the process of development. The network will consist of two main parts, infrastructure and access, the former is almost complete while the latter is only missing 5G-capable mobile phones.


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