Navarra is working on the digitalisation of its SMEs

Navarra is working on the digitalisation of its SMEs

The Autonomous Community of Navarra is planning to promote industry 4.0 in small and medium-sized enterprises. Navarra has analysed the needs of its SMEs and is studying the measures implemented in other European regions to transfer them and adjust them to their needs. This is all part of Project 4.0 Ready. In addition to Navarra, Italian, Finnish, Belgian, Polish, Romanian and Lithuanian provinces are participating in this project.

This project, launched under the Interreg Europe programme, aims to technologically transform companies to make them more competitive. Thus, the project will allow regions to share information on the implementation of industry 4.0 in their companies.

One of the conclusions drawn from the previous analysis is that small and medium-sized enterprises in Navarra need to learn about other businesses' success stories regarding the implementation of industry 4.0. In addition, funding and expert support are essential to promote the implementation of new technologies.

The most important task now is to verify whether a return on investment is possible and to find workers who can help change companies, adapting them to the new paradigm.

To help overcome technological deficiencies, Navarra has implemented a new aid programme for the elaboration of Digital Transformation Plans in Navarra's companies. Subsidies will cover the costs of advising companies.

At IoT DIH we strive to provide ongoing assistance in the digital transformation of companies.

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