New technologies and the supply chain

New technologies and the supply chain

Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence or Deep learning are the most influential technologies in the industrial sector. The sectors that have adopted a new technological paradigm in their processes have experienced significant changes in their supply chain.

This revolution goes beyond creating modern machinery and software, it is providing us with a large set of valuable elements that contribute to optimized processes. Traceability is one such element that allows us to track all the details of production and at the same time record information that can be useful when improving current processes or designing new ones.

According to the report of the Minsait company, “The market of connected logistic, that is, an integrated approach to traceability in the supply chain, is estimated to grow at an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33% until 2031”.

The introduction of new technologies to the industry brings exponential benefits, when internal and external operations improve, added-value is provided to the client, satisfying their needs and providing guarantees with exact data.

However, it is not enough to have information from connected objects; for the digitisation to have a visible impact on the supply chain it is necessary to design an action plan for the achievement of the established objectives.



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