Respira, a solution that measures the quality of air in cities

Respira, a solution that measures the quality of air in cities

Air quality is becoming a threatening worldwide problem, especially in developed countries and large cities where it is alarmingly poor.  This may be the underlying cause of many of the health problems suffered by citizens, such as respiratory problems or skin and eye complications.

The problem concerns all Spanish cities, although it is more evident in larger cities like Madrid and Barcelona. For this reason, a small company in the town of Ourense has designed a solution for the control of air pollution. Their proposal involves the installation of several low-cost applications in different parts of the cities which will make us aware of the quality of the air we breathe.

Respira, a solution designed by the company, participated in the Asian Mobile World Congress held in Shanghai, where it was ranked second among the five most important companies in the Internet of Things (IOT) category; this proposal, apart of measuring air pollution, will detect its origin and make recommendations in order to reduce the effects of polluted air.

The best thing about this project is that it is compatible with other air conditioning systems and can be installed in varying environments, such as hospitals, hotels and vehicles, as they are manageable and small in size. Another advantage of this work is that it has an international scope as many countries are in need of such a solution. Its creators have made new contacts at the congress and will start their production and distribution plan in China, with the perspective of exporting the product to Latin America and the United States.

Technological advances are not only intended to improve our comfort, they find answers to major problems and improve the quality of our lives, contributing to the society.

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