Smart lighting for Smart Cities

Smart lighting for Smart Cities

Technological advances usually respond to a current or future need or to future situations that may arise in society. Different studies estimate that by the year 2050 80% of the population will be concentrated in the cities, which would increase the consumption of services, pollution and among other factors.

In this sense, researchers work to design and plan the cities of the future and provide solutions for these problems. An example of this is the city of Rivas Vaciamadrid, which has implemented a UVAX Smart Cities platform in the town, which is based on the remote management of street lighting.

This solution allows through automatic controls, turn off the light when there is no one on the street or regulate the intensity according to environmental conditions, which will save up to 90% of the energy costs of cities and up to 50% of the costs of maintenance of infrastructures, while concentrating a large amount of information, which will help to respond to other situations that may arise in the locality.

The benefits of the application of the solution are even greater, citizens will have ICT services, lengthen the useful life of the luminaries, reduce light pollution and reduce the greenhouse effect as well.

Finally, the IoT combined with other technologies provides great savings for smart cities, not only for consumption but also for money, maintaining an adequate use of services, generating quality of life for citizens and contributing to a sustainable environment.


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