SPINE CARE: smart posture corrector

SPINE CARE: smart posture corrector

Within the framework of the DIH-World project, the IoT Digital Innovation Hub is organizing a Community Days event that will focus on the importance of cybersecurity in the so-called Industry 5.0. During this session several projects and success stories will be presented, one of them is SpineCare.

SpineCare is a device that helps achieve a good back posture. It helps diagnose and prevent back problems in real time, in addition to providing access to data for each session so that the user can be monitored.

A wearable device (smart t-shirt) will be developed that measures and records the position of the back to prevent, detect and ultimately help correct problems associated with posture. It is accompanied by a mobile application through which the user will also be able to undergo training. When the wearer slips into an unhealthy posture, the T-shirt sends a reminder.

The event will be held on May 6. We will have the opportunity to learn about innovative projects in the field of new technologies. If you are interested in attending, register here: 



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