Successful Community Day event organized by IoT DIH

Successful Community Day event organized by IoT DIH

A Community Day event has been held today, organized by the IoT Digital Innovation Hub in the framework of the DIH World project. The event revolved around cybersecurity and Industry 5.0, and was aimed at companies, public institutions, students and other national and international DIHs.

Juan Manuel Corchado, director of the BISITE Research Group and president of the AIR Institute, was in charge of presenting the event, the IoT Digital Innovation Hub and some of the projects they are developing. He also spoke about the importance of cybersecurity in Industry 5.0.


 The event continued with a round table chaired by Marta Plaza, coordinator of the event, in which several companies attending the event presented innovative projects and success stories related to cybersecurity and the Internet of Things.

Cybersecurity and IoT success stories

Digitization and sensorization bring countless benefits to production processes. However, they also entail some security vulnerabilities. Therefore, these two technologies must work together: the greater the penetration of IoT, the greater the chances of cyber-attacks. Researchers from the BISITE Group and the AIR Institute have presented some projects in these areas that have given us insight into the outlook of the Internet of Things and Cybersecurity in the industry, some of them are:


The UPPER project involves the design of an innovative PPE that incorporates intelligent tools and textiles capable of reacting in real time to a risk situation, as well as an augmented reality device, improving accessibility and providing specific support in training actions.

Smart farm

The SMART FARM project has designed a system that measures the amount of feed or grain inside a silo. It also allows to collect data through gas, temperature and humidity sensors, so that the conservation conditions of the grain can be known.


The CO2 project, which focuses on the study and monitoring of air quality, mainly carbon dioxide, to determine whether an environment is prone to favor the spread of respiratory-transmitted diseases such as COVID 19.


The InTelWINE project aims to research new techniques for precision viticulture and food safety that incorporate hybrid AI and Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms capable of standardizing processes and transferring the knowledge of experts to a system that guarantees the quality and safety of the wine delivered to consumers.



The SamrtLogger project developed a Data Logger device for capturing, storing and sending data within the realm of renewable energy generation facilities. It was implemented in self-consumption photovoltaic installations.


The Deep-Panel project researches new techniques for quality assurance of the final product that Panelais Producciones manufactures and will incorporate data capture systems (IIoT) and automated controls, which are capable of increasing and standardizing the quality of the final product through data capture and the use of hybrid neurosymbolic AI and Deep Learning solutions.

Spin Care

SpineCare is a device that helps to maintain a good posture during activities that affect the spine. It helps diagnose and prevent back problems in real time, in addition to providing access to data on each session for user follow-up.


The objective of the CYBERSEC project is to research various technologies, techniques, tools, methodologies, and knowledge aimed at developing technological solutions for security against cyber-attacks on sensitive connected environments, such as Industry 4.0, Smart Cities or critical infrastructures.

The main objective of Digital Innovation Hubs is to boost digital transformation, especially in SMEs, to help them become more competitive, through the adoption of technologies. Events like this one help to spread this initiative and motivate companies to embark on digital transformation or improve the digitization process.

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