Telework is possible thanks to new technologies.

Telework is possible thanks to new technologies.

The current quarantine, which we're undergoing in an effort to hinder the spread of Covid-19, has demonstrated the importance of new technologies in today's world. Not many years ago it would have been impossible to see so many people do their work from home.

Spanish marketing, advertising and communication agencies, not only express their support for telework in their publications, but they also lead by example. The employees of those companies work from home which helps slow the spread of the virus.

This is how they fight the current pandemic without putting at risk the health of their employees or customers. The age of technology, which gives us the opportunity to coordinate schedules and departments and gives employees the possibility to work at the same pace from their homes.

Since last Monday, many companies in this and other sectors have implemented this measure to counteract the virus.

It is not complicated for the employees in this sector to continue carrying out their work remotely. Although it is not possible to hold face-to-face sessions, they can be substituted by the different interactive communication media.

At the IoT Digital Innovation Hub we strive to facilitate the telework for all sectors and we have joined #Frenarlacurva to do our work from our homes.

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