Using new technologies to control beach access.

Using new technologies to control beach access.

The de-escalation after COVID-19 lockdown poses a challenge to the control of distance between people, hygiene and other safety measures that are more necessary now than ever before.

One of the most complicated situations is the control of public spaces. The majority of control-related solutions involve the use of new technologies. We can find an example of the use of these technological resources in the municipalities of Pineda del Mar and Calella, which are going to use drone-related solutions to control capacity and social distance on their beaches by means of drones.

The information collected by the drones will be managed by artificial intelligence. The drones will capture images that will be analysed by algorithms to identify the number of people in each of the 15 sections into which the municipalities will divide their beaches.

In Calella, a mobile application will also be used to control the number of bathers in each section through a Wi-Fi network.

Thanks to the information collected by the drones and the application, the local police will be able to restrict access to some sections or reopen them when they consider it necessary.

The partners of the IoT Digital Innovation Hub are working on different technological alternatives that will help fight the virus by making it easier to implement security measures. 

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