The vehicle of the future will be electric, autonomous, shared and connected

The vehicle of the future will be electric, autonomous, shared and connected

The automotive industry has highly contributed to the development of IoT technology. In Spain, it is estimated that by 2020, out of the total sales in this sector, 69% will be connected vehicles.

The current advances are so significant that we can already tell which applications are going to be included in the vehicles manufactured over the next decade.

The most widespread applications today in connected vehicles are those used to improve road safety and mobility. They currently incorporate technologies such as ecall (automatic warning in the event of an accident), anti-collision technology, GPS assistance or energy consumption measurements.

The new technologies that will emerge in the coming years will be designed with the aim of connecting vehicles to the infrastructures that surround them. The growth of Smart Cities will be simultaneous with the development of connected vehicles, and will make it possible for future drivers to measure levels of traffic, locate pedestrians, connect to intelligent buildings and much more.

Ultimately, we hope that what seemed like science fiction until recently, will soon become a reality. The use of autonomous vehicles, remote-controlled vehicles or driver monitoring will be applications that will eventually become part of our roads.

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