Patent Fundings

Patent Fundings

Spanish Government

Monday, June 4, 2018

As is known, the patent grants its owner an exclusive right over the subject of his invention for a term of twenty years. This exclusive right constitutes a true monopoly that, on many occasions, has considerable economic importance. It is precisely the economic value of this monopoly that allows the patent holder to amortize the investment he has made in developing a new product or a new procedure.

However, to obtain a patent, it is necessary to face expenses that can be very large, especially if you want to obtain protection in several countries.

In order to alleviate this financial burden, which is particularly burdensome in the first years of patent application, some of the grants and subsidies granted by the different public Administrations can be obtained. Most of these grants are part of broader programs for the promotion of a specific economic sector or aid for the internationalization of companies based in a given region.

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