Success cases


AGV-based IIoT platform for intelligent Safety, Efficiency and pRedictive maintenance at factories

Collaborators: AUTOMATISMOS Y SISTEMAS DE TRANSPORTE INTERNO (Burgos), ICPE (Rumanía), Universidad de Salamanca (subcontract)

Client Profile: 

ASTI Mobile Robotics is a mobile robotics engineering, dedicated to the study, design, manufacture, start-up and maintenance of automated intralogistics solutions. ASTI Mobile Robotics specializes in internal transport solutions, that is, the movement of materials and products within companies, through automated guided vehicles, called AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). Engineering has the widest range of the market and is an expert in processes and industrial connectivity.

Client Needs: 

Nowadays, factories are being upgraded to improve their maintenance and operation, as well as workers’ protection. The aim of the project is to research new, selfcontained autonomous guide vehicles (AGVs) that can provide predictive maintenance, improve operation and workers’ protection services without the need to modify the factories. 


The AGV will integrate new sensors for tracking anomalies within the factory, while doing the original work for which it was designed. The AGV will include some internal rules and, based on the data received, it can activate an alarm, send a message to the maintenance manager, etc. Simultaneously, the AGV will collect and store new data and, once it reaches a point with Internet access, it will send the new data to the Cloud where new rules will be learned/generated on its basis. From the dashboard, additional rules can be generated, for example on the basis of workers’ knowledge, through a chatbased interface. As a result of the project, smarter, selfcontained AGVs will be obtained, which will be able to act as the maintenance operator, guaranteeing normal operation and workers’ safety.


I9K - InovKiwi - Development of strategies for the sustainability of the kiwi industry through the creation of a value-added product

Collaborators: IPN (Portugal), APK (Portugal), Universidad de Coimbra (Portugal), Direção-Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária (DGAV) (Portugal), Kiwicoop (Portugal), KiwiGreenSun (Portugal), Kiwi d'Ouro (Portugal), Produção e Marketing do Noroeste, Lda (PMNI) (Portugal), Fuverg, Lda, Kiwi1000, Lda (Portugal), Actiglabro (Portugal)

Client Profile: 

All the companies involved are related with the production of fruits, in particular, kiwis. 

Client Needs: 

The I9k project aims to stimulate the adoption of measures based on new products, practices, processes and innovative technologies to combat Psa (causative agent of bacterial actinide cancer, considered the most serious disease of kiwi culture). This is a recent disease for which an effective system has not yet been implemented and which decisively affects the performance of this productive sector.


Among the measures to be implemented in the project, IoT sensors will be installed for the collection and treatment of crop data, allowing monitoring of plant growth and detection of harmful agents.


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