28 Sep 2021
The postdocs will join a research group of more than 50 researchers, where they will have the opportunity to lead their own team and do research in...
20 Jul 2021
We are very proud to be ambassadors of i4Trust, a pioneering project that seeks to drive the development of innovative services around new data value...
15 Jun 2021
The DIH-World project launches its first open call to select and support up to 35 SME-driven experiments.
28 May 2021
As a partner of Syntropystack, we are very proud to be able to be a collaborator in the Syntropy DeWeb Hackathon.
15 Apr 2021
Widening Digital Innovation Hubs will hold a series of online events focused on the theme of INDUSTRY 4.0.
12 Apr 2021
Plasticircle will present its achievements in a final conference on 13 April, registration for the event free of charge.
25 Mar 2021
According to Marko Karttunen, Production Manager at Fomatec, the project has improved the predictability of production, as the system provides real-...
23 Mar 2021
At IOT we are proud to announce our participation in the "Community Day 2021" conference promoted by the Widening Digital Innovation Hubs.
13 Mar 2021
The IoT Digital Innovation Hub (IoT DIH) led by the AIR Institute and the Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4. 0 (DIHBU), based in Burgos, and are two...


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