28 Nov 2019
We have spent the last few days with several SECOT members.
26 Nov 2019
IoT DIH will now have its very own channel where we will upload videos about its activities.
21 Nov 2019
We attended the third Stakeholder Forum for the Digitalisation of the European Industry in Madrid on 14th November.
18 Nov 2019
Silvia Tomillo is the engineer who has developed AGM Global, a system that optimizes water usage on farms. In the future, the system could even be...
5 Nov 2019
Jealsa is a family-owned canning company which has its own brand called Jealsa Rianxeira S.A.U.
17 Oct 2019
The information technology sector is the most valuable according to the MSCI world index. New technologies and communication services monopolize a...
3 Oct 2019
5G is going to change the interaction between people and digital objects.
30 Sep 2019
Large video game companies have attended the 2019 climate summit in New York in the effort to reduce their industry's impact on the environment.
19 Sep 2019
Cyxtera Technologies is a cybersecurity company that has recently talked about the evolution of Machine Learning and how it can be used for good and...


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